Why start Ergonomics: The Student Guide?

With our increasing reliance on technology such as computers, laptops and mobile phones, we continue to spend more and more time on these devices to go about our daily lives. As someone who does spend a considerable amount of time on my mobile phone and my computer at home, I’ve noticed that there isn’t a lot of information about how I should be using these devices in a manner that won’t put burden on my body.  I’ve experienced symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and lower back issues from my constant computer use and as a result, have started to make changes to my everyday life in order to prevent these health issues from arising again. Ergonomics has often been a topic that has been neglected, but in retrospect should be something that all students are taught, to prevent our generation from having to deal with technology related health problems later on in our lives, such as RSI and CTS. This blog aims to give student’s access to information and tips on healthier ways to live with our electronic devices so that we can all make changes to our daily lives and educate others about the importance of ergonomics and healthier technology habits.

So click on the Chapters tab to read about how ergonomics affects you and what you can do about your ergonomic habits!

9 thoughts on “Why start Ergonomics: The Student Guide?

  1. Indeed, ergonomics becomes a huge topic nowadays that more and more people experienced or suffering from those body pain. Looking forward to receiving more healthy information from you! Nice work.


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